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Keeping Tim Out of the Hospital

A recent national study found that over 50% of children with asthma have never been tested. Many of those children live in low-income neighborhoods like those in Chicago’s Southside, where 25% of children have asthma.

Tasha first found out that her son, Tim, had asthma when a Mobile C.A.R.E. Asthma Educator conducted a free screening at Metcalfe Elementary. Before that, Tim often had breathing problems, but as Tasha says, “I didn’t understand what was going on, or how to counter-act symptoms.” Tasha and Tim were going to the emergency room for his primary care, where doctors told them contradictory information about the chronic illness.

Because his asthma was so out of control, the Asthma Educator made an appointment for Tim to be seen on the Asthma Van. There, the staff conducted a series of tests, including spirometry, in order to assess the severity of the disease. A specialist physician then created an asthma action plan with Tim, including regular check-up appointments and control medication. Then, the Van’s nurse walked Tim and Tasha through a host of education sessions about common asthma triggers, steps to make Tim’s medication most effective, and how to recognize the onset of an asthma attack.

Proper diagnosis, individualized education, and on-going care, the three pillars of Mobile C.A.R.E.’s Comprehensive Asthma Management Program, have been proven to control asthma, save the health system money, and save lives. Tim has been a patient on the Asthma Van for over six years, and as Tasha says, “we haven’t had to go to the emergency room for years now.”

“The staff make it easy to have insight on what’s happening to your child. Plus, they actually come to you. I’ve been with the Asthma Van a long time,” Tasha says, “and all the staff…they really make you feel like family.”

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