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Asthma Vans Seek to Stub Out Smoking in Public Parks

Mobile C.A.R.E. Foundation, the Respiratory Health Association and over 20 other concerned organizations are calling on the Chicago Park District to ban smoking in 570 parks under its jurisdiction.

Chicago is well known for strategically placing its public parks adjacent to Chicago Public Schools, recognizing that for many children, the park is the only public space available to them. But the downside is that, in public parks, adults can smoke next to two areas highly trafficked by children (the park and the school).

For the 88,000+ Chicago children with asthma, exposure to cigarette smoke can acerbate airway constriction, creating a dangerous situation. “Schools, restaurants, and other community buildings have rightly had smoking curtailed in the interest of better city health,” Tim wrote. “We believe it is past time to extend that same logic to city parks.”

As RHA indicates, “there are 28 municipalities in Illinois and over 900 more municipalities in states across the U.S. that have adopted smoke-free parks policies,” including Atlanta, Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles. Read our full letter, posted here.

Read MCF’s reasponse to Chicago’s “F grade” in air quality from the American Lung Association.

Learn how Asthma Vans help over 1,000 low-income children annually.

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