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The Dental Van at Six Months: How Have We Done?

Today is World Oral Health Day, and also happens to mark the sixth month that our Dental Van has been providing services. World Oral Health Day is set aside every year to promote awareness of good oral hygiene. 90% of the world’s population will suffer from oral disease in their lifetime, and 42% of Chicagoans suffer from inadequate dental care. Indeed, 65,000 Chicago children went without urgently needed oral procedures last year, either because of prohibitive cost or lack of access.

So what’s our Dental Van up to? Glad you asked!

Dental Van Results

Our Dental Van is committed to doubling these results over the next three months. If you’re interested, you can help. For each $160 we receive, we can provide a quality dental home for another child. See our Race to 2500 page to learn more.

And let’s share those smiles!

Join the Race to 2500, and commit to providing 2,500 children with quality oral health care.

Meet Mobile Care’s Dentist extraordinaire, Dr. Watson

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