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Meepware Designs Ways to Help Kids with Asthma

When Chase and Julian Mazzier started the Meepware t-shirt line a year ago, they had a creative plan to give back, while also learning how to run a business.

Drawing on the power of the Meep, a fictitious word that can sub in for a noun, verb, or adjective to boost the fun level in any utterance, Chase and Julian began designing and selling t-shirts, donating the proceeds to Mobile Care. “We can relate to the kids that come to the van in that I have asthma and allergies and Julian my brother has a food allergy,” Chase says. “We thought it was the perfect choice.” Chase and Julian recently stopped by the Asthma Van to present Mobile Care with a $500 donation check and complementary shirts for Asthma Van patients.

Using creative tags like “The Meepball is in the Sauce” and “Dude W. T. Meep” over vividly colored shirts, Meepware has become a phenomenon—promoted online through a website Chase and Julian designed themselves, and sold at mini events orchestrated by the brothers. “The most fun part in my opinion has been doing our mini events where we sell them at yard sales or block parties,” Chase says. And they’re planning more. This year, Meepware is coming out with a new line, featuring collaborations with guest designers.

Chase and Julian first heard about the Asthma Van through their allergist (and Mobile Care co-founder), Dr. Paul Detjen. “We have been going to Dr. Detjen for a very long time. I still go to him for allergy shots every other week,” says Chase. Since Dr. Detjen also volunteers his time to train Mobile Care’s Asthma Van staff, Mobile Care’s patients can expect the same high level of care that Chase and Julian receive, care that allows them to live healthy and active lives, which in the case of Chase and Julian means travel soccer and music.

Mobile Care asked Chase if he had any words of wisdom for other people with asthma. “My advice is to listen to and trust your allergist and to not give in to your asthma,” he says, “and to not let your asthma control your life.” Wise words, indeed. Many thanks to Chase and Julian Mazzier – giving back, one meep at a time!

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