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Asthma Van Decal Design Finalist: Meet Judith Mayer

Recently, we held a Call For Artists, where Chicago artists/designers could submit their portfolios, and a few finalists would be selected and compensated to create a mock-up of the decal that will cover our Asthma Van. After an internal vote, three finalists were selected. We are really excited to work with them and wanted to introduce each finalist over the next few days!

So with that, meet Judith Mayer!

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Judith Mayer, an illustrator, designer, and painter. I have a BFA from Ball State University where I studied graphic design and fine arts. My first jobs out of school were in corporate communications and website design. Over 20 years ago, I started my own practice and have since worked on a variety of projects from neon signs and murals to logos and books. I currently focus on illustration and lettering in my work to respond to the need for unique visuals in this age of stock photos and free fonts. My clients come to me for bespoke solutions, and I love solving problems.

by Judith Mayer

Are you from Chicago? What are a few of your favorite Chicago spots?

I was raised in Northlake and Schaumburg and have lived various places in Indiana until, after college, I moved back to Chicago to work. I have lived in several neighborhoods and am currently in Uptown. The arts community is so large and diverse here, but a few favorite places are Spudnik Press Cooperative, Lillstreet Art Center, Hyde Park Art Center, Wrightwood 659, and Smart Museum of Art. 

How did you find Mobile Care Chicago? How do you connect with the work and/or mission of Mobile Care?

Spudnik Press shared the call for art with their community of artists. The majority of my commissioned work is for non-profits. I connect strongly with organizations that have a clear mission and philosophy, which I think is more common in nonprofits. The people leading these organizations are typically very passionate about the work they do—they aren’t solely there for the paycheck.

Name a few artists who inspire you: 

I am inspired by many artists who don’t work in the style or medium that I do, but I admire their approach and their process: Corita Kent, Bisa Butler, Barbara Kruger, Kara Walker, Cindy Sherman, Eva Hesse, Amy Sherald, Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer, Alice Neel, Hilma af Klint, Lee Krasner, Cipe Pineles, and Ray Eames to name but a few.

What is your personal mission through your work, what message do you hope to spread through art and design?

I like to make work that makes you happy when you look at it, so I typically use a bold, cheery color palette. The bonus is it puts me in a good mood while I’m working on it! I am particularly interested in type and letters and want to spread my love and admiration of alphabets. Communication relies heavily, even in this digital age, on sets of shapes that we recognize—even when they take infinite forms. The shapes themselves communicate feelings and emotions beyond the words they make. I want people to see the trees for the forest.

Where do you hope to end up next? What kind of projects do you hope to work on in the future – and how can we find you on social media or online?

I’m creating some new paintings, after a burst of doing murals the last two years, that are focused on letters and words. I’m working toward showing them in more galleries. And I hope to continue to work for amazing clients. I love a challenge, so designing in new mediums and for new industries is what I always hope to be doing. I would also love to illustrate some book covers—for old school, printed books, not digital, so I could use spot varnish, foil, debossing, fluorescent ink, or other printed effects!
Instagram: @judithmayercreative 

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