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Mobile Care Chicago gets a new LOGO!

As we reflect on the past for our 20th Anniversary Fundraiser (click here to donate: https://mobileca.re/20thAnniversary ) a lot of new, exciting things are happening as well!

For several months, as part of our communications strategy, we’ve been working on a new logo as well as new messaging materials. We worked with donors Hilary A. and Michael M. (they have two sons who are patients of MCC founder, Paul Detjen) to talk about what our mission meant and how we could better express it. Hilary then put us in touch with Eva O., an advertising wiz who understands asthma on a personal level. Eva worked with a creative team (Greg and Monica!) on our behalf to develop a new logo. We’d like to thank everyone involved for their beautiful work, and for making sure we ended up with the perfect logo (we did! Check it out below)

With the help of our donor community, we were able to work with a professional advertising team, and we couldn’t be more grateful. We are excited to use this logo for years to come. 

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