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Inspirotec and Mobile Care Partner to Bring AirAnswers to Chicago Families

This year, we’ve gained a partnership, sponsorship, and clinical study with an airborne allergen detection company called Inspirotec and their innovative device: AirAnswers. 

Mobile Care Chicago has recently partnered with Inspirotec, Inc. to provide our patients and their families with an air monitoring device called AirAnswers. It is an in-home, airborne allergens, bacteria, and virus collection system. Since 2018, we’ve offered in-home environment assessments, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, entering the homes of our patients puts them at risk. Our staff has started to implement the AirAnswers device in their assessments by delivering them to the participating families, contact free. The family then just plugs in their AirAnswers device, allowing it to begin sampling the air in their home. 

“We are fortunate to provide help to those suffering from poverty and the COVID-19 pandemic with our patented AirAnswers solution, remote customer care in support of this tele-med Allergy and Asthma EPA sponsored clinical study,”  says Dr. Julian Gordon, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Inspirotec.

With the information gathered from the device, we will be able to more effectively help our families create a home environment that is conducive to the health and safety of an asthma patient. Home environment assessments by Asthma Educators allow families to understand and remove potential triggers from their home, such as dust mites, mold, tobacco smoke, cleaning products, and more.

Patient Services Manager, Kamari, hands off the AirAnswers Device to the mother of an asthma patient.

Mobile Care Chicago will concurrently work with Inspirotec to conduct a clinical study of whether AirAnswers helps to raise Asthma Control Test scores and lower ER utilization and

hospitalizations in the home assessment cohort. In addition to this innovative project, Inspirotec is sponsoring the Asthma Van for the next three years (decal reveal coming soon!). 

Mobile Care Chicago is thrilled to work with a company whose values align with its mission and who have an overall dedication to using technology to innovate and improve the lives of asthma and allergy patients.

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