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Add Emissionless Technology to All Mobile Units : 3

Adding emissionless technology to our mobile units means installing battery banks to provide electrical power to our clinics (as opposed to gas/diesel generators). This reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, which are the primary power source for all mobile medical units. The installation of battery banks reduces carbon emissions from MCC’s mobile clinics, which is not only important on a global scale, but will improve the air quality in and around the clinic for patients and staff. The addition of emissionless technology will also decrease daily operating costs over time by decreasing fuel consumption. 

At present, three of MCC’s clinics have been outfitted with compartments for battery banks, have the necessary hardware in place, and about 80% of the necessary wiring changes completed. One mobile unit, our Dental Van, had a battery bank operational, which was very helpful to our understanding of how we can best organize these systems. Now that we understand the technology much better, we’re using what we learned to make all of the battery banks more efficient.  

The completion of the battery banks is scheduled for Feb. 2022. The last steps include the completion of wiring peripheral components, programming of equipment, safety tests, and final adjustments based on actual power consumed during a clinic day.  

Once the emissionless power systems are in place, Mobile Care Chicago’s clinics will be cleaner, quieter, and more dependable.  

-Ian Stark, Director of Programs

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