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Thank you Elizabeth!

Running multiple mobile clinics can be….complicated. The “mobile” aspect of our work effects everything: scheduling, staffing, what to do when a van needs maintenance, and more. Throw in a pandemic, a few brand new clinics, and chaos ensues. Luckily at MCC, Elizabeth Lemus, Asthma Program Manager, knows how to deal with it all while being kind and compassionate. But after 18 (!!) years, Elizabeth is stepping down from her role, and following a new endeavor – where we know she will flourish. We are VERY grateful that Elizabeth will still be helping us part time.

Elizabeth treats our patients and their families as her own, while always making sure they received quality care and attention (not to mention her Chilaquiles were to die for!) Even though she has not fully left Mobile Care, we will miss her every day at the office, where she would always lend a helping hand to whomever needed it. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our mission Elizabeth.

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