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Event Registration is LIVE.

We’re raising $5,000 to educate and empower 900 more families on Mobile Care clinics by our event on June 9th!! Can you help us reach our goal? 

We’ll be raising money to provide direct medical care to 10,000 families by 2023, and the money we raise through this campaign in particular will provide education to 900 families before our event on June 9!

I’m intrigued! How can I help Mobile Care reach 900 more patients with free life-changing medical treatment and health education? 
Luckily, the answer is simple (and fun!). Purchase tickets to attend our annual Cheers for Children’s Health Event by clicking here.Can’t make the event? You can also help us reach more patients by donating here.

Want to donate AND attend the event? Donate any amount and you’ll receive a registration code. Use the code to register before the event so we know you’re coming.

Tell me more about this fundraising event!  
Cheers for Children’s Health is our annual fundraising event. Admission includes drinks, food, and interactive games. Meet our board, our clinic staff, tour an MCC clinic, and enjoy the beautiful space FLATs has so kindly donated to us. The Duncan is an accessible, large outdoor space filled with lots of cozy seating. Cheers for Children’s Health is a family friendly event- feel free to bring your kids!

Okay I’m in! Where do I buy tickets again? 
Click here!! We can’t wait to see you on June 9th 🙂

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