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Meet the designer of our new Asthma Van decal, Jess Shoman!

Tell us about yourself: who are you, what do you do!

My name is Jess and I’m a graphic designer and musician in the band Tenci.

What parts of MCC resonate with you the most?

I really admire how Mobile Care provides children accessible asthma and dental care in a way that feels really inviting. They travel around the Chicagoland area to meet kids where they’re at, adding another layer of care that is often overlooked. Many families don’t have the time or income to make regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments, and Mobile Care hasn’t forgotten about those people. In a city where many people’s basic needs aren’t met, they give me hope that we can work within our communities to help each other get the care we need.

What inspired your decal design?

I felt really inspired by the “artists of the wall” murals painted on the Rogers Park lakefront benches. These murals have a vibrant, childlike playfulness to them and a communal feeling that I’m really drawn to. I’m sure there are many children who are nervous about receiving medical care, and I wanted to create a design that felt really welcoming and imaginative.

What is your favorite Chicago neighborhood and why?

Rogers Park! I’ve lived in 8 different neighborhoods since I’ve lived in Chicago, and I feel most at ease here. Being a 10 minute walk to the lake is the biggest perk for me, but also all of the good food and art around me, and generally the community here feels very generous.

Favorite Chicago spots?

I feel like this changes every year, but currently – Montrose Bird Sanctuary, West Ridge Nature Park, Garfield Conservatory, Anto Pizza & Pasta, any of the beaches in Rogers Park / Edgewater, Glenwood Farmers Market in the spring and summer

As an artist/designer, where have you been finding inspiration lately? Are there any artists we should check out 👀

I’ve recently been reading a lot of interviews/articles on The Creative Independent and have been feeling really moved by all of the different ways artists move through the world. I also have lots of talented friends who are constantly creating and I’m always inspired by the things they make. Check out: Nicolette Lim, Aki Takebayashi, Earl Mitchell & October Garner

What are you working on now? Where can we find your work/socials?

Currently I’m working on printing my first coloring book! You can find my work at jess-shoman.com and my IG is @tenci.band

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