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Meet Lake County Asthma Van Design Contest Finalist Morgan Garleff

We’re revealing the winning design of our Lake County Asthma Van decal design contest next week! Our three finalists are all incredible designers from both Chicago and Lake County areas! Today, meet Morgan Garleff, Chicago-based graphic designer. 

Tell us about yourself: who are you, what do you do!
I’m Morgan Garleff! A freelance graphic designer based in Chicago, originally from Michigan. I am a multi-discipline designer that specializes in brand identities. I am really passionate about design as well as art, music, culture and fashion. When I’m not traveling or at home with my partner and our cat Pepper, I’m thrifting and going to estate sales. I run a small vintage business on the side with one of my best friends (check us out @aukershop).

 How did you learn about Mobile Care Chicago? What parts of MCC resonate with you the most? 

I have friends that work for Mobile Care and some that have worked with them creatively in the past. I’ve been to some fundraising events and really was impressed by the organization. MCC resonates with me because they are providing really important services to those who really need it. It is providing solutions and communicating effectively to larger issues communities are facing. 

What inspired your decal design? 

My van design was inspired by the abundance of health care when many work together. I used the overlapping colors and shapes as a way to convey the endless possibilities for all seeking care and what incredible things that can happen when we receive it.

What is your favorite Chicago neighborhood and why?
I don’t know if I have a favorite, they are all unique and cool in their own way!

Favorite Chicago spots?
Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Cultural Center, Mia Mora (Everyone go here!), Store B Vintage, any Village Discount Outlet, Vintage House Chicago (Locations and dates always changing)  Lula Cafe, Doma Cafe, any Foxtrot (the one on milwaukee is my favorite), Merz Apothecary, HaiSous, Jimmy Beans, Gather, Same Day Cafe, there are so many others!

As an artist/designer, where have you been finding inspiration lately? Are there any artists we should check out?

I just traveled to New Orleans and took way too many photos of old signage on buildings, store-fronts and these really beautiful tiles that have the street names on the sidewalks. I’m always trying to find typography inspiration in the wild as well as interesting type character design. Recently, I’ve found a female type designer named 

Margot Lévêque (@margot.leveque) who I am a big fan of.

What are you working on now? Where can we find your work/socials?

Some various freelance branding and packaging projects, but always trying to find new work! You can find my work on my website at morgangarleff.com or my instagram @morgangarleff.

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