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Meet Lake County Asthma Van Design Contest Finalist Pablo Alejandro!

We’re revealing the winning design of our Lake County Asthma Van decal design contest next week! Our three finalists are all incredible designers from both Chicago and Lake County areas! Today, meet, or re-meet Pablo Alejandro, Chicago-based designer and our most recent art contest winner!

Please re-introduce yourself for those who may not have seen your t-shirt design/interview!

My name is Pablo Alejandro I’m a graphic designer here in Chicago working to build my brand/company to a point where I can support my family and provide generational wealth with my art. 

What have you been up to since we last interviewed you? Any new projects on the horizon?

Since we’ve talked I recently became a Graphic Designer for one of the best signage companies in Chicago, I have a new baby on the way and working on buying my first home, Starting may we will relocate my studio to Chicago and I hope to open a storefront with my friends to sell some of my pieces. 

What inspired your design for the Lake County Asthma Van?

My design is inspired by being able to overcome no matter what obstacle is in front of you, having asthma just a part of everyday life while still being able to partake in activities with your friends. I want the van to be welcoming to the children and intrigue them so that they’re excited to come inside. 

Where have you been finding inspiration lately? 

Lately my son has been my biggest source of inspiration, I ask him all the time for his opinion and his perspective on the world, aside from him I get inspiration from my family traditions and past experiences that made me who I am. 

What is the best part about living in Chicago?

The best part of living in Chicago is the food, and the art/ pop up community. There is always something to do if you’re looking to “pop out”. 

Favorite Chicago neighborhood and why?

My favorite Chicago neighborhood is Fulton Market, the streetwear community is growing there and there’s a lot of great places to shop as well as eat delicious food. My two favorite things to do; eat and shop. 

What is your biggest hope for Chicago?

My biggest hope for Chicago is that we spend less money on law enforcement/ ticketing people and more on resources/ programs that will help/heal our youth. We spend too much time focused on how to punish people instead of providing programs that could prevent breaking the law. I hope more people are inspired to follow Mobile Care Chicago’s example and provide much needed free resources to our children. 

To see more of Pablo’s work, click here!
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