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20190114_100832Mobile Care Chicago’s mission is to deliver no-cost medical and preventative care, education, and support to low-income children and families within their communities aboard mobile medical clinics.

Mobile Care Chicago is a not-for-profit organization that uses mobile medical clinics to assist children currently unable to access necessary specialty care for a chronic condition. All services within all programs are offered free of charge to all participants. Everyone is welcome.

For 21 years, Mobile Care Chicago has used partnerships with local schools to provide a convenient and trusted location for local children who have complex needs but whose parents may not have the time, transportation or work flexibility to access more distant brick-and-mortar clinics. Mobile Care currently operates two Asthma Vans for children with severe asthma and/or allergies, a Dental Van for children who need oral surgery, and a Portable Dental Clinic which can be set up inside of schools to make referrals out to the Dental Van. In total, Mobile Care Chicago’s mobile clinics serve roughly 6,000 patients per year, seeing the vast majority multiple times per year.

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Mobile Care Chicago