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Join Us for a Virtual Wine Tasting!

Mobile Care Chicago is excited to partner with Forthright Winery to host a virtual wine tasting fundraiser!

Forthright Winery is a Napa Valley based winery, co-founded by one of our dedicated board members, Ed Stritch. The winery uses the finest fruits to produce premier, elegant, hand-crafted Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and an exclusive Bordeaux-style blend.

[Forthright Winery] creates wines that are bright, fresh and lively with distinguished acidity and often lower pH. These are wines built to age and in several cases, Forthright has done the aging for their consumers – up to 4 and 5 years post vintage date before release.” – The Napa Wine Project

A ticket purchase registers you for the event. Registration includes a delivery of 4 vials of different, award-winning, Forthright wines to be tasted during the live zoom, hosted by the Forthright Winery winemakers themselves!

Tickets are $60 each, and 100% of ticket proceeds will benefit Mobile Care Chicago, helping us achieve our goal of serving 10,000 children annually by 2023, and will also help us in expanding and upgrading our mobile clinics.

Forthright believes that “good company deserves good wine.” Please join us for a night of both as we drink good wine, enjoy good (virtual) company and support the mission and work of Mobile Care Chicago.

March 11, 2021 7-8:30PM CST

Click here to purchase a ticket!

A ticket purchase will register you for the wine tasting, and a zoom link will be emailed to you on the day of the tasting

Wine samples will be mailed directly to you prior to the event!

Special thanks to The Concord Group for sponsoring this event!

Emissionless Battery Banks Introduced in Our Vans

Over the last twenty years of service, Mobile Care has consistently made upgrades in our clinics and in our overall model-of-care. We think it is important to adapt to new technologies and new ways of thinking in order to support our clinic staff in providing the best care possible.

Most recently, our vans have been upgraded to include zero-emission battery bank generators. This gives us the opportunity to plug in more canopy tents, which will allow us to provide different services on one mobile clinic (in a socially distanced manner).

Making this switch also keeps our mobile clinics free of exhaust and pollution, which better supports our Asthma patients, their communities, and the environment as a whole. This upgrade to our existing clinics has provided a safer, quieter, and more environmentally friendly experience for our staff and patients.

In 2020, we’ve invested over $25,000 in upgrades to keep our clinics efficient, clean, and safe. We are currently raising money to make sure our newest clinics are fitted with the same upgrades- to make a donation, click here: https://mobilecare.squarespace.com/donate

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Board of Directors Open Application

Want to Make a Real Difference?

The Mobile Care Chicago Board of Directors is seeking passionate, diverse, and experienced board members to help guide the organization as it grows.

Our Mission:

Mobile Care Chicago’s mission is to deliver no-cost medical and preventative care, education, and support to low-income children and families within their communities aboard mobile medical clinics.

Our Programs

Mobile Care Chicago fills gaps in health care access for children in low-income neighborhoods around Chicago. By sending no-cost mobile clinics to neighborhood schools, Mobile Care enables families that would otherwise struggle with cost, transportation, and time barriers to get necessary medical and dental care for their children.

Mobile Care focuses on providing quality asthma, allergy, and dental care. Unlike most other common pediatric health concerns, asthma and dental issues require specialty care that is often unavailable in the neighborhoods that need it the most.

We also provide no-cost Physicals and Immunizations, and have partnered with Howard Brown Health to provide mobile COVID-19 testing to disinvested Chicagoland communities.

What Makes Mobile Care Chicago Unique?

Mobile Care’s clinics are regularly able to reach families usually left out of the traditional healthcare system. In recent surveys, 80% of Asthma Van patients and over 90% of Mobile Dental Program patients reported that they were unable to access other providers before joining our mobile clinics.

This access to care is changing the Chicago healthcare landscape. Mobile Care’s Comprehensive Asthma Management Program has been able to cut school absenteeism and asthma emergency department use by over 50%. Similarly, in a pilot impact study of the Mobile Dental Program, the presentation of dental decay in one school district decreased from 53% to 25% after just one year of the Dental Program treating children.

We also pride ourselves on being an organization that can quickly adapt to the needs of our community. Because of the mobile nature of our clinics and staff, we were able to deliver medication straight to our patients at the beginning of the pandemic, and we are also capable of allowing partner organizations to use our mobile clinics to get other necessary health services out to the community. We are working to grow our fleet and and overall adaptability in the near future.

Mobile Care Chicago’s Board

Mobile Care’s board members work collaboratively to direct and support an organization that has been providing healthcare to children in need for over 20 years. The board is made up of current and former health care providers as well as community members and professionals who come together to make policies and provide strategic direction and oversight.

As our 20th year in service comes to an end -with lots of new progress, change, and overcoming new challenges – this is a unique opportunity to set the course of the organization for years to come.

Mobile Care Chicago is currently the medical/dental provider for 6,000 children. By 2023, we will serve over 10,000 children per year.

• Expanding and upgrading our mobile programs
• Building support for parents and families toward a holistic health focus
• Use advanced analytics to deliver care to neighborhoods without
medical access

Mobile Care Chicago Needs You If:

  • You are passionate about children’s health care, especially asthma and dental
  • You are excited about being part of a hard-working team
  • You have the time and energy to spend 2-4 hours a month doing board work: attending board meetings, participating in committee work, and being an ambassador for Mobile Care in your community
  • You are motivated to become a great ambassador and prepared to learn new skills to succeed in this role

We’re Especially Interested in Talking to You If:

  • You have been a leader on a non-profit board before and you are ready to bring your experience and insight to another organization
  • You are an experienced fundraiser, and enthusiastic about sharing your skills
  • You have expertise in marketing or PR
  • You come from a diverse background
  • You live or work in a neighborhood visited by our mobile clinics

Next Steps

Mobile Care is seeking to add 2-3 new members to serve a two-year term. Please email boardsearch@MobileCareFoundation.org to receive more detailed information about Mobile Care and the Board of Directors. Interested candidates should complete an application, and will be interviewed by our Recruiting Team.

Inspirotec and Mobile Care Partner to Bring AirAnswers to Chicago Families

This year, we’ve gained a partnership, sponsorship, and clinical study with an airborne allergen detection company called Inspirotec and their innovative device: AirAnswers. 

Mobile Care Chicago has recently partnered with Inspirotec, Inc. to provide our patients and their families with an air monitoring device called AirAnswers. It is an in-home, airborne allergens, bacteria, and virus collection system. Since 2018, we’ve offered in-home environment assessments, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, entering the homes of our patients puts them at risk. Our staff has started to implement the AirAnswers device in their assessments by delivering them to the participating families, contact free. The family then just plugs in their AirAnswers device, allowing it to begin sampling the air in their home. 

“We are fortunate to provide help to those suffering from poverty and the COVID-19 pandemic with our patented AirAnswers solution, remote customer care in support of this tele-med Allergy and Asthma EPA sponsored clinical study,”  says Dr. Julian Gordon, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Inspirotec.

With the information gathered from the device, we will be able to more effectively help our families create a home environment that is conducive to the health and safety of an asthma patient. Home environment assessments by Asthma Educators allow families to understand and remove potential triggers from their home, such as dust mites, mold, tobacco smoke, cleaning products, and more.

Patient Services Manager, Kamari, hands off the AirAnswers Device to the mother of an asthma patient.

Mobile Care Chicago will concurrently work with Inspirotec to conduct a clinical study of whether AirAnswers helps to raise Asthma Control Test scores and lower ER utilization and

hospitalizations in the home assessment cohort. In addition to this innovative project, Inspirotec is sponsoring the Asthma Van for the next three years (decal reveal coming soon!). 

Mobile Care Chicago is thrilled to work with a company whose values align with its mission and who have an overall dedication to using technology to innovate and improve the lives of asthma and allergy patients.

Mobile Care Chicago gets a new LOGO!

As we reflect on the past for our 20th Anniversary Fundraiser (click here to donate: https://mobileca.re/20thAnniversary ) a lot of new, exciting things are happening as well!

For several months, as part of our communications strategy, we’ve been working on a new logo as well as new messaging materials. We worked with donors Hilary A. and Michael M. (they have two sons who are patients of MCC founder, Paul Detjen) to talk about what our mission meant and how we could better express it. Hilary then put us in touch with Eva O., an advertising wiz who understands asthma on a personal level. Eva worked with a creative team (Greg and Monica!) on our behalf to develop a new logo. We’d like to thank everyone involved for their beautiful work, and for making sure we ended up with the perfect logo (we did! Check it out below)

With the help of our donor community, we were able to work with a professional advertising team, and we couldn’t be more grateful. We are excited to use this logo for years to come. 

Our 20th Anniversary Donation Link is LIVE!

Over the past few months, we’ve been creating content around the past 20 years of Mobile Care, and the people who got us to where we are today. At the same time, we’ve been working on what’s next for Mobile Care, and what we need to get there.


When you donate to Mobile Care Chicago, you help your neighbors, your schools, and your community stay healthy.

Mobile Care Chicago plans to expand treatment to 10,000 patients annually by 2023. Your donation will help us achieve this goal! Please help raise $20,000 to launch two new “Flex” Vans (vans that can adapt to a variety of different clinic settings).These Flex Vans will expand our ability to provide COVID-testing, comprehensive asthma and dental services, as well as take on new services.

Click here to take an interactive look at the last 20 years, and to donate. Sharing this link makes a big difference- drop it in a text, email, or facebook post and encourage someone to learn more about what we do at MCC!

Our 20th Anniversary Celebration Begins!

Many of our current readers may know the story of how Mobile Care came to be. After learning of the tragic reports of asthma-related deaths in Chicago, four Chicagoland physicians — Dr. Philip Sheridan, Sr., Dr. Philip Sheridan, Jr., Dr. Paul Detjen, and Dr. Eric H. Gluck — were inspired to form Mobile C.A.R.E. Foundation (now Mobile Care Chicago) in 1998.

In 2000, Mobile Care’s first mobile clinic, originally named The Breathmobile, was launched. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary by sharing stories from those who have gotten us to where we are today. We hope you learn more about us, and share our story with a friend. We will also be opening up donations to help us achieve our future goals in helping kids in Chicago access the health services they need, as well as helping our community fight the pandemic. To those of you following our blog, look out for new content, and a link to our 20th Anniversary Website, which will go live next week.

Our goal in this celebration is to not only raise money, but to also spread awareness. We encourage you to share the content we post throughout the next few weeks with a friend or family member who might not know about Mobile Care Chicago, or those who might not know how hard it is for many kids in Chicago to access life-changing health services.

Asthma Van Design Contest Results!

We are excited to announce that Judith Mayer is the artist responsible for creating our new Asthma Van decal! The design contest was a huge success, and we loved meeting artists from all around the Chicago area. We tallied votes across our clinic, staff, and board members, in a few rounds of voting. With over 15 talented artists in the running, it was difficult to narrow it down to three finalists, and one design to cover the Asthma Van.

Judith has been in the graphic design business for over 20 years, and has a history of working with various non profits. We are so excited to use Judith’s beautiful design for our very new Asthma Van! If you know any businesses that may be interested in sponsoring the Asthma Van (their logo will be featured on Judith’s design and seen all around the city) feel free to contact us about a sponsorship- simply reach out to rlessing@mobilecarefoundation.org.

Thanks you to everyone who participated in the Decal Design Contest. Your enthusiasm was much appreciated.

Without further ado…. here is Judith’s Van Design! Stay tuned to see an IRL reveal and some more fun announcements relating to this contest and the Asthma Van!

Asthma Van Decal Design Finalist: Meet Zakia Rowlett

Recently, we held a Call For Artists, where Chicago artists/designers could submit their portfolios, and a few finalists would be selected and compensated to create a mock-up of the decal that will cover our Asthma Van. After an internal vote, three finalists were selected. We are really excited to work with them and wanted to introduce each finalist over the next few days!

So with that, meet Zakia Rowlett!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Zakia Rowlett. I got started in Graphic Design, my second semester of college. I’ve always been crafty as a child. I did things like crushing up tile and making a mosaic table top for my moms kitchen table. It was not until my second semester as a freshman that I decided to transfer to The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago, after realizing the school I was currently attending was not so much for corporate design. While I attended AI I got lots of training in design fundamentals and realized the never ending avenues Graphic Design offered. I also got into screen printing which then took my creativity to new heights.

Are you from Chicago? What are a few of your favorite Chicago spots?

I’m actually from Dallas, Texas. I lived there with all of my family, then my mother and I traveled to Chicago alone, where I grew to be myself. But I was raised by Southern parents and visited Texas up until adulthood, so I feel like Texas is my spirits home. But, Chicago is where I’ve become so much of the woman I am today.

Some of my favorite spots here are: MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). The parks (Hyde Park, Garfield Park, & Humboldt Park) I really enjoy walks in the park and riding my bike! Swap-O-rama! was always excited to go there with my mom when I was younger. It was always so much going on there and they had good food… and Lake Shore Drive!

How did you find Mobile Care Chicago? How do you connect with the work and/or mission of Mobile Care?

A friend of mine sent me an email about it. Asthma runs in my family, it’s been something I’ve struggled and overcome all my life. So I immediately appreciated the mission, and thought being a part of this would be awesome.

Name a few artists who inspire you.

Lya Finston (@thehottestdjinmiami) Ruby Figueroa (@rubynacks), Paula Scher, Saul Bass, Lisa Armstrong (@lisaarmstrong) Kerry James Marshall, and Samntha Smyser (@samnthamadethat)

What is your personal mission through your work? What message do you hope to spread through art and design?

My message within my personal work usually goes back to self reflection and the topic of being a human in general but also through the lens of a black woman. I think a lot about perspective. I challenge traditional compositions by experimenting with typography, and texture. My work feels personal, but I like the viewers to have space to make their own interpretations. I have a mission to push positivity, and strength through the power of words/shape. Through my art I want people to remember that we are more than the current state of where we are on earth, there’s a lot to unravel. So I try to get in people’s minds by making them spend a little more time figuring out what things are/mean to them.

Where do you hope to end up next? What kind of projects do you hope to work on in the future? How can we find you on social media or online?

Next in life I hope to keep climbing higher in recognition from the projects I’m associated with. I want to be an important figure in Design, Environmental Issues, and Printmaking. I’ve unexpectedly walked into my journey as a full time independent artist when the Pandemic hit, which has been scary, and very empowering. It actually opened some doors for me, and now I see myself being involved in more projects pertaining to the environment, social topics that are near and dear to me, and a successful selling print maker.

You can find me on Instagram @kianije

Asthma Van Decal Design Finalist: Meet Judith Mayer

Recently, we held a Call For Artists, where Chicago artists/designers could submit their portfolios, and a few finalists would be selected and compensated to create a mock-up of the decal that will cover our Asthma Van. After an internal vote, three finalists were selected. We are really excited to work with them and wanted to introduce each finalist over the next few days!

So with that, meet Judith Mayer!

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Judith Mayer, an illustrator, designer, and painter. I have a BFA from Ball State University where I studied graphic design and fine arts. My first jobs out of school were in corporate communications and website design. Over 20 years ago, I started my own practice and have since worked on a variety of projects from neon signs and murals to logos and books. I currently focus on illustration and lettering in my work to respond to the need for unique visuals in this age of stock photos and free fonts. My clients come to me for bespoke solutions, and I love solving problems.

by Judith Mayer

Are you from Chicago? What are a few of your favorite Chicago spots?

I was raised in Northlake and Schaumburg and have lived various places in Indiana until, after college, I moved back to Chicago to work. I have lived in several neighborhoods and am currently in Uptown. The arts community is so large and diverse here, but a few favorite places are Spudnik Press Cooperative, Lillstreet Art Center, Hyde Park Art Center, Wrightwood 659, and Smart Museum of Art. 

How did you find Mobile Care Chicago? How do you connect with the work and/or mission of Mobile Care?

Spudnik Press shared the call for art with their community of artists. The majority of my commissioned work is for non-profits. I connect strongly with organizations that have a clear mission and philosophy, which I think is more common in nonprofits. The people leading these organizations are typically very passionate about the work they do—they aren’t solely there for the paycheck.

Name a few artists who inspire you: 

I am inspired by many artists who don’t work in the style or medium that I do, but I admire their approach and their process: Corita Kent, Bisa Butler, Barbara Kruger, Kara Walker, Cindy Sherman, Eva Hesse, Amy Sherald, Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer, Alice Neel, Hilma af Klint, Lee Krasner, Cipe Pineles, and Ray Eames to name but a few.

What is your personal mission through your work, what message do you hope to spread through art and design?

I like to make work that makes you happy when you look at it, so I typically use a bold, cheery color palette. The bonus is it puts me in a good mood while I’m working on it! I am particularly interested in type and letters and want to spread my love and admiration of alphabets. Communication relies heavily, even in this digital age, on sets of shapes that we recognize—even when they take infinite forms. The shapes themselves communicate feelings and emotions beyond the words they make. I want people to see the trees for the forest.

Where do you hope to end up next? What kind of projects do you hope to work on in the future – and how can we find you on social media or online?

I’m creating some new paintings, after a burst of doing murals the last two years, that are focused on letters and words. I’m working toward showing them in more galleries. And I hope to continue to work for amazing clients. I love a challenge, so designing in new mediums and for new industries is what I always hope to be doing. I would also love to illustrate some book covers—for old school, printed books, not digital, so I could use spot varnish, foil, debossing, fluorescent ink, or other printed effects!
Instagram: @judithmayercreative 

Mobile Care Chicago