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4 services! 3 vans! 1 site!

This Saturday, August 29th, most of our clinics will be in one place– 942 N Lockwood Ave, Chicago, IL. This occurrence is rare (and exciting!). The clinics will be at a socially-distanced back-to-school event on the West Side. Along with The Perfect Vision Campaign and Howard Brown Health, we hope to make it easy for kids to access many necessary health services in a fun environment. Read on for details!

We will be offering the following services at no-cost for kids (age 0-19):

Eye Exams and Vision Screenings brought to you by Perfect Vision

Dental Services and Exams that fulfill school requirements

Physicals and Immunizations by the Asthma Van Team

COVID-19 Testing (for kids and adults!) with Howard Brown Health

Show up at 942 N Lockwood Ave. Chicago, IL. 60651 any time between 10am-2pm. If you have a medical card, please bring it with you, along with glasses if your child wears them.

If you wish to make advance appointments with individual clinics for 8/29, contact:

Physicals + Immunizations: call 773-295-2274

Dental: call 312-543-5693

The Asthma Van Returns- with no-cost Physicals and Immunizations

Over the past few months, our amazing asthma and allergy team has worked with patients via telehealth appointment.

While we are happy with the success of telehealth appointments during COVID-19, we are so excited to announce the return of the Asthma Van in real life, and hope to see some familiar (and new!) faces.

You can read about our clinic upgrades here, which were made to keep our patients, staff members, and communities safe.

Mobile Care Chicago’s Asthma Van is a specialty mobile clinic equipped with diagnostic equipment and medications designed to diagnose and treat children with asthma and severe allergies at no cost, in their own neighborhoods.

In addition to our asthma and allergy services, Mobile Care will be providing no-cost physicals and immunizations on the Asthma Van. All you have to do is check out our schedule, book an appointment, and keep the following in mind:

  • Immunizations + Physicals are available for children up to age 18.
  • If your child wears glasses, please bring their glasses to the appointment.
  • If you have a medical card, please bring it with you.

Click here to view the Asthma Van Schedule!

Call 773-295-2274 to book an appointment!

We ask for your help as a parent/guardian to protect us and our other patients:

  • Book your appointment in advance to avoid long wait times
  • Only one parent/guardian can accompany the patient on the vehicle
  • You and your child will receive a temperature check before you enter the vehicle
  • Please wear a mask at all times in the vehicle
  • Siblings of the patient will not be allowed on the vehicle at this time
  • Let us know if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who had COVID-19


Receiving Quality Dental Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There are many barriers to receiving comprehensive, quality, dental care. On top of struggling to obtain dental insurance and/or pay for costly services, parents are often unable to miss work for their child’s appointment. Mobile Care’s Dental Program uses mobile clinics to reach, treat, and provide follow-up care to children who cannot easily access dental services.

These days, everyday struggles have become much more challenging. Dental offices were among the first medical facilities to close during the pandemic because the tools used by dentists pose such a high safety risk for staff disease contraction. The three months of closure was crippling for local dentists, and virtually all practices had to add expensive safety upgrades to their clinics. As profit margins at for-profit dental offices become tight, and because Illinois ranks 46th of the 50 States in Medicaid reimbursement rates, dentists are able to accept fewer Medicaid or uninsured patients. As a result, at a time when a greater volume of patients need care, there are fewer options. This presents yet another barrier to families who already have difficulties getting dental care for their children. Now that our Dental Van is back on the road, Mobile Care Chicago is committed to easing the burden of this problem by providing dental care for children at no cost to families.

With our comprehensive mobile clinics, we’re able to perform X-rays, complex restorative procedures, educate on oral health, and provide routine cleanings. Working in conjunction with over 80 schools and Head Start Groups, the program provides services to over 5,000 children. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, our mobile clinics were recently renovated with safety upgrades that far exceed national and industry guidelines for clinic safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We are excited to be back out there helping our Chicagoland area communities! We’ve been connecting with food pantries, local organizations, and churches to make sure children have access to dental care even with remote learning in place for Fall 2020. Feel free to contact us at dentalvan@mobilecarefoundation.org if you are interested in having our mobile clinic on site. Or, if you’d like to make an appointment for your child, check out our schedule or call 312-543-5693.

The Dental Van is Back!


Book Your Appointment today!

call: 312-543-5693 or email: dentalvan@mobilecarefoundation.org

Dental Van Locations and Schedule here


We ask for your help as a parent/guardian to protect us and our other patients:

  • Book your appointment in advance to avoid long wait times
  • Only one parent/guardian can accompany the patient on the vehicle
  • You and your child will receive a temperature check before you enter the vehicle
  • Please wear a mask at all times in the vehicle
  • Siblings of the patient will not be allowed on the vehicle at this time
  • Let us know if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who had COVID-19

To ensure patient safety, the Dental Van was upgraded. Check out the upgrades here!

For more information on our Mobile Dental Program, click here!

Asthma & COVID-19: Your Questions Answered

The Chicago Asthma Consortium, with partners including Mobile Care, has started a series to answer your questions about asthma & COVID-19. We recognize there is a lot of uncertainty for everyone right now, especially for those with asthma. Over the next few weeks, this series will work with experts across the region to get you the answers you need.

All videos will be posted here with a summary.  Check back weekly for updated information and the answers to your questions.

You can submit your questions here and we will add them to our list for future videos.

1st Q&A: Asthma, COVID-19 and the ER:

Question Highlights (Minutes:Seconds in video)

  • How does COVID-19 affect children? (1:43)
  • ERs, how have they changed (3:10)
  • Would I be tested at the ER? (4:18)
  • How does COVID-19 feel different from asthma? (6:10)
  • Nebulizers & COVID-19 (11:15)
  • When to get tested and what is it like? (14:05)
  • Asthma management & COVID-19 (16:45)

Do you have a question for an asthma expert? Please submit your questions here and we will add them to our list for future videos.

EPA awards Mobile Care, recognizes as a “leading community-level asthma care” provider.







What was Mobile Care was recognized for?

Increasing Access

Mobile Care’s no-cost mobile clinic model enables families that struggle with cost and transportation barriers to still access care at their neighborhood school.

With the addition of video conferenced appointments for working parents, we are continuing to make it easier for children to get the care they need.

Care beyond the clinic

Asthma attacks can be triggered by things like mold, pollen, food allergies, and even certain household cleaners.

 Mobile Care has a community health worker that helps families identify and remove their child’s triggers from their home.

Being cost effective

Mobile Care keeps kids healthier and in school instead of the ER or hospital.

For every dollar spent by Mobile Care on the Asthma Vans, we prevent 3 dollars in more costly ER and hospital visits. The EPA estimates that Mobile Care has saved the local health care system at least $156 million. 

Cheers for Children’s Health

Tickets can be purchased here.

If you are unable to make it, but would like to make a donation to sponsor a child’s care, you may do so here.

The Event

Please join us at the Union League Club of Chicago for drinks and hors d’oeuvre and help Mobile Care send mobile clinics to children in need. Will you stand with us in our commitment to treat every child that enters our clinic – regardless of insurance or ability to pay?

With summer around the corner, we have just a few months left to bring clinics to neighborhood schools and set children up for a healthy summer. Mobile Care’s school-based clinics are the only chance many of our patient families have to access care. The second annual Cheer’s for Children’s Health will ensure over 400 children can access this essential health care before the end of the school year.

Where & When

Crystal Room at Union League Club of Chicago:
65 West Jackson – 5th Floor
Wed. May 8th, 5:30 – 7:30pm
Toast at 6PM

Transportation & Parking

CTA: A short walk from the Harold Washington Library (State/Van Buren) Brown/Pink/Orange & the Jackson Red/Blue Line Stop.

Most convenient parking:

Valet Parking available at the Federal Street Entrance.
Self Parking available at the garage on the northwest corner of Federal and Van Buren. Special rates are available for guests with tickets that are validated at the Front Desk.


Jeff Butke, Development Manager


You may buy tickets here

Click here to sponsor a child’s care and we’ll have one in your honor.


FaceTime helps parents still ‘attend’ appointments when they can’t get off work

Telehealth.jpgAsthma Vans have begun using FaceTime and other video conferencing apps so parents who cannot get off work can still ‘attend’ their child’s visit.

Getting time off work to attend appointments has increasingly become a barrier for parents that rely on Mobile Care. This is especially true for parents of children with severe asthma. At first, getting a child’s asthma under control can require 3-6 appointments a year. Losing out on 3-6 more days of wages (on top of all the other things in life that come up) is simply not possible for some families.

After successfully piloting telehealth appointments this past year, Mobile Care has begun rolling out a launch at all 45 of its Asthma Van school sites. This program has the potential to allow the Asthma Vans to reach 20% more children with asthma.

Though asthma cannot be treated without parents being heavily involved, telehealth can ensure a child’s health doesn’t come at the expense of a day’s wages.

This program is a continuation of Mobile Care Chicago’s mission to help families overcome barriers to accessing health care with no-cost mobile clinics. With 80% of first-time patients to our mobile clinics reporting an inability to access more distant brick-and-mortar clinics, the Asthma and Dental Vans are an important resource for thousands of families. Thank you to our many donors for allowing our Asthma Vans to continue their legacy of innovation. A special thank you to Julie and Dennis McCrary for generously donating a new iPad to the Asthma Van so we could begin the telehealth pilot!

Board of Directors Open Application

Want to Make a Real Difference?

The Mobile Care Chicago Board of Directors is seeking passionate, diverse, and experienced board members to help guide the organization as it grows.

Our MissionIMG_05741

Mobile Care Chicago’s mission is to deliver no-cost medical and preventative care, education, and support to low-income children and families within their native communities aboard mobile medical clinics.

Our Programs

Mobile Care Chicago fills gaps in health care access for children in low-income neighborhoods around Chicago. By sending no-cost mobile clinics to neighborhood schools, Mobile Care enables families that would otherwise struggle with cost, transportation, and time barriers to get necessary medical and dental care for their children.

Mobile Care focuses on providing asthma, allergy, and dental care. Unlike most other common pediatric health concerns, asthma and dental issues require specialty care that is often unavailable in the neighborhoods that need it the most.

Interested in learning more about this opportunity? Email us: boardsearch@MobileCareFoundation.org


What Makes Mobile Care Chicago Unique?DV2.1

Mobile Care’s clinics are regularly able to reach families usually left out of the traditional healthcare system. In recent surveys, 80% of Asthma Van patients and over 90% of Mobile Dental Program patients reported that they were unable to access other providers before joining our mobile clinics.

This access to care is changing the Chicago healthcare landscape. Mobile Care’s Comprehensive Asthma Management Program has been able to cut school absenteeism and asthma emergency department use by over 50%. Similarly, in a pilot impact study of the Mobile Dental Program, the presentation of dental decay in one school district decreased from 53% to 25% after just one year of the Dental Program treating children.

Mobile Care Chicago’s BoardDr Whyte-email (2).jpg

Mobile Care’s board members work collaboratively to direct and support an organization that has been providing healthcare to children in need for over 19 years. The board is made up of current and former health care providers as well as community members and professionals who come together to make policies and provide strategic direction and oversight.

As we prepare to enter our 20th year, this is a unique opportunity to set the course of the organization for years to come.

Mobile Care Needs YOU if . . .

  • You are passionate about children’s health care, especially asthma and dental
  • You are excited about being part of a hard-working team
  • You have the time and energy to spend 2-4 hours a month doing board work: attending board meetings, participating in committee work, and being an ambassador for Mobile Care in your community
  • You are motivated to become a great ambassador and prepared to learn new skills to succeed in this role

We’re especially interested in talking with you if:

  • You have been a leader on a non-profit board before and you are ready to bring your experience and insight to another organization
  • You are an experienced fundraiser, and enthusiastic about sharing your skills
  • You have expertise in marketing or PR
  • You come from a diverse background
  • You live or work in a neighborhood visited by our mobile clinics

Next Steps

Mobile Care is seeking to add 2-3 new members to serve a four -year term. Please email boardsearch@MobileCareFoundation.org to receive more detailed information about Mobile Care and the Board of Directors. Interested candidates should complete an application, and will be interviewed by our Recruiting Team.

Asthma Vans Win CHEST Foundation’s 2018 Community Service Award

IMG_6558Mobile Care Chicago was presented with the Community Service Award at the CHEST Foundation’s meeting in San Antonio on October 8th, 2018. The award is given to just three organizations in the country was in recognition of Mobile Care’s home environment assessment program. This program helps children and families with severe, uncontrolled allergic-asthma avoid the ER, miss less school, and breathe more easily.

In children with allergic asthma, allergens like dust, mold, mildew, and tobacco smoke, etc cause their lung airways to close. Mobile Care’s home assessment program couples clinic care with a community health worker to help families identify and eliminate triggers in their home.

Last year alone, with funding from the EPA Region 5, 50 children received home assessments and saw dramatic improvements in their asthma symptoms. They also missed less school and had to go to the ER less.

Mobile Care Chicago began providing home environment assessments in 2012 for children who struggled to breathe, and frequently ended up in local ER’s or even in intensive care for asthma. In 2013, we partnered with the local chapter of the American Lung Association to fix the problems we found in the homes of our patients. The ALA has been an incredible partner, providing vacuum cleaners, mattress and pillow covers that block allergens, cleaning solutions that can be used by people with asthma, and even in some extreme cases, gutting walls where mold has been found or replacing mattresses.

Mobile Care would like to thank all of the partners, donors, and foundations that have made this work possible. In the coming year, Mobile Care will work to expand this program and provide more of these life-changing home assessments for children with allergic-asthma.

Mobile Care Chicago