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To Contact Mobile Care Chicago

Enrolling your child on the Dental Van
The Dental Van partners directly with select schools. All services, including fillings and extractions, are offered at no cost to families. To find out if the Dental Van will be coming to your school or a school near your home, please email  DentalVan@mobilecarefoundation.org

Enrolling your child on the Asthma Van
Any child, up to 18 years old, can be seen on Mobile Care’s Asthma Vans. Services are provided at no cost to families. The Asthma Vans maintain a regular patient roster from each community site they visit. Even children who do not attend school or day care at an Asthma Van site can be treated on the Vans – the family simply needs to make an appointment. Mobile Care’s Patient Scheduler can help families decide which Asthma Van site will be most convenient. For more information on bringing your child to an Asthma Van, please call the appointment line below!

Enrolling your child on the Children’s Health Van
The Chidren’s Health Van partners with schools in and around Humboldt Park, providing immunizations and physicals as well as Mobile Care’s top-flight allergy and asthma care. To see if the Children’s Health Van is available at your child’s school, contact Mobile Care’s Patient Scheduler through the appointment line below!

Mobile Care Chicago’s Appointments Line        773.570.5338

General Inquiries

Mobile Care Chicago
239 W. Root Street
Chicago IL 60609


Main Office:    773.254.4030
Fax Line:         866-224-7945

Mobile Care Chicago
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