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Current Volunteer Positions

If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities listed below, please send an email with a brief introduction and a description of when you are available to asthma[at]mobilecarefoundation.org.

Asthma Vans

Non-Clinical Volunteers:

Non-Clinical Volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer for Mobile Care Chicago aboard the Asthma Van, as well in the office. Volunteer activities during clinic hours on the asthma van include: Reading to and entertaining patients with crafts or play while parents are busy giving history and receiving asthma education from the Asthma Van staff; helping to translate for Spanish speaking families (if the volunteer is Spanish speaking); helping prepare school forms; answering the phone; filing charts and paperwork; and organizing the van during downtime. Volunteer activities while in the Mobile Care office include: purging files; filing or pulling charts; maintaining copies; and possible research or data collection activities. Volunteers may also be utilized at health fairs as needed, as well as fund raising events.

Clinical Volunteers:

Clinical volunteers, such as nursing and medical students, are also welcomed and encouraged to volunteer for Mobile Care Chicago aboard the Asthma Van and behind the scenes in the office. Volunteer activities on the Asthma Van during clinic hours include: obtaining vitals; participate in attaining history from parents; interpreting during Spanish speaking appointments (if the volunteer speaks Spanish); answering the phone; filling out school forms and PCP forms; participating in patient and parent asthma and medication education; filing charts and paperwork; and organizing medication supply and van during downtime. In the office the volunteers may be asked to do the following: Purge files; filing or pulling charts; make copies; work on various projects; help with research projects or data collection.

School Liaison
These volunteers work with a local school to ensure administrators, teachers, and the school nurse (if appropriate) have a line of communication to Asthma Van staff. This volunteer would link children in need of Asthma Van services to staff, and would raise awareness in the larger school community.

Office Support

Graphic/Web Design Assistant
Mobile Care Chicago could use the assistance of a talented graphic designer to help with a few discrete tasks that are otherwise very costly for us to complete. A few examples are:
• The design a new front page and concept for this year’s annual report
• Constructing a sample image for a new Android app
• Creating a header and color scheme for the organization’s blog and website

Web Development Advisor
The organization has a number of web projects in the air right now, and the assistance of a professional could help launch these ideas far more quickly than we could working on our own. Some of the things we need advice on are:
• Porting a website from one url to another
• Building out the functionality of our WordPress site
• Mobile app development
• Making our site internationally friendly (especially allowing Spanish translation)

IT Assistant
There are a few technical issues that continue to hamper the efficiency of our service delivery. We could use a person able to advise on the following things:
• Fax-to-email
• Internet access options on mobile platforms
• Server and phone systems (internet-based vs. conventional)

If you have an idea for how you can help, and you don’t see the opportunity listed above, we’d love to hear from you. Just send your inquiry to asthma[at]mobilecarefoundation.org.

Mobile Care Chicago
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