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Mobile Dental Program

The Mobile Dental Program uses innovative clinics to reach, treat, and provide follow-up DSC_0140.JPGcare to children without access to dental services. Working in conjunction with over 80 schools and Head Start groups, the program provides services to over 5,000 children.

Mobile Care’s Dental Program is a comprehensive dental clinic that has the same features and services as a brick-and-mortar practice in higher income communities, with the capability to perform X-rays, complex restorative procedures, educate on oral care, and of course, provide routine cleanings. The mobile nature of the program breaks down the most common barriers of access to dental services for children across the Chicagoland area.

By providing dental care to children without increasing school absenteeism, the Dental Van:

• Decreases Emergency Room visits for preventable oral health issues
• Bolsters awareness of good dental health habits
• Cuts down on school absenteeism
• Increases median GPA
• Allows parents to take a more pro-active role in their child’s oral health

The fastest way to contact the Dental Van is by email:

You can also call 312-543-5693 for further assistance.

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