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Asthma Van Program

Asthma Vans see children who need a specialist, but can’t find one.

Asthma Vans go directly into low-income communities to provide on-going medical support to low-income children with asthma. Through its mobile clinics, Mobile Care Chicago has served more than 6,000 vulnerable students through over 33,000 patient visits.

Unlike other more general clinics, Mobile Care Chicago provides staffed asthma specialists (a physician and a nurse practitioner) so that children will receive consistent care from the same healthcare provider. Vans are also staffed with nurses and clinical assistants. All tests and medications available at a hospital are available on an Asthma Van, making it a true doctor’s office on wheels.

Thank you to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois for creating the above video about our Asthma Vans!

Support low-income children with asthma. See our giving options.

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