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Asthma Van Program

Asthma Vans see children who need a specialist, but can’t find one.

Asthma Vans go directly into low-income communities to provide on-going medical support to low-income children with asthma.¬†Through its mobile clinics, Mobile Care Chicago has been the allergist for many thousands of children over the organization’s 20 year history.

Just like a typical specialty practice, Mobile Care Chicago provides allergy and asthma specialists (a physician and a nurse practitioner) so that children will receive consistent care from the same healthcare provider. All tests and medications available at a hospital are available on an Asthma Van, making it a true doctor’s office on wheels. Patients stay with their Asthma Van an average of 8 years, seeing their specialist an average of three times per year.

All appointments are free of charge. To make an appointment, call 773-570-5338

Thank you to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois for creating the above video about our Asthma Vans!

Support low-income children with asthma. See our giving options.

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