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Asthma Van Decal Design Finalist: Meet Shannon Bonds

Recently, we held a Call For Artists, where Chicago artists/designers could submit their portfolios, and a few finalists would be selected and compensated to create a mock-up of the decal that will cover our Asthma Van. After an internal vote, three finalists were selected. We are really excited to work with them and wanted to introduce each finalist over the next few days!

With that, meet Shannon Bonds! You can find Shannon over at https://www.shannonbmarketing.com/.

What is your name and how did you get started in art and design? My name is Shannon Bonds and I have always been a creative person. I loved doodling and crafting as a child and always wanted a job where I could continue to use my creative mind. After school, I got a job in design by complete accident and really fell in love with it and have been moving in that direction ever since. 

Highwood Public Library, Design by Shannon Bonds

Name a few artists who inspire you: 

Kristle Marshall @kristhecreative

Kirby Mack @kirbymack

Ade Hogue @adehogue

What is your personal mission through your work? What message do you hope to spread through art and design?

I hope my designs inspire women, especially black women like myself, to just start. We are so powerful, so creative, and so amazing, and the world deserves to see us just being. I have been so inspired by black women just making life happen for themselves, their families, and their communities, and I hope I can do the same for someone else.

Leaders United Series, Design by Shannon Bonds

Where do you hope to end up next? What kind of projects do you hope to work on in the future – and how can we find you on social media or online?

Honestly, this competition was a huge step for me. I think I have been holding myself back because I have felt like an imposter in this industry but I want to stop that. Just being apart of this project has given me so much motivation to put myself out there and be open to any and all opportunities that come my way. I would love to design more large scale projects such as billboards or murals, but I just want to keep creating, that’s what I love. 

Juneteenth, Design by Shannon Bonds https://www.shannonbmarketing.com/
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