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Van Safety Upgrades

To keep everyone aboard our mobile clinics safe as we return to communities across the area and resume in-person services, Mobile Care Chicago is renovating our mobile clinics to include the following safety upgrades:

  • Walls: Nonporous walls
  • Ceilings: Antimicrobial paint the kills 90% of harmful bacteria, mold, and fungi for four years after application.
  • Floors: Hospital-grade flooring that will last through repeated deep cleaning
  • Air quality inside and out: The air filtration and exhaust system will now complete a full air cycle every four minutes, and will include HEPA filtration. The Dental Van will also get a negative pressure environment in the back dental operatory so that oral surgeries can again take place safely. In that room, there will be a complete air cycle every two minutes. Additionally, vans will be equipped with emission-less generators to keep the surrounding air free from exhaust and pollution.
  • Surface upgrades: Surfaces that are more difficult to sanitize, such as fabrics and woods, are being removed throughout the vans and replaced with surfaces that can be cleaned more effectively.

These changes go above and beyond new state and national guidelines for clinic safety during the COVID-pandemic. Rather than simply meet the minimum requirements, we are taking this opportunity for even stronger measures while the clinics are already under renovation. We are investing $25,000 in this innovative re-envisioning of our clinic spaces.

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