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25% of Low-Income Chicago Children Have Asthma

The most prevalent chronic illness affecting low-income children in the U.S. is asthma. Yet despite its prevalence, and the high cost associated with hospitalization and emergency room visits due to untreated asthma (an estimated $15,155 per year, per asthmatic child), the most vulnerable residents of Chicago continue to have limited or no access to medication and ongoing care.

Learn more about us in this video produced by Paul Detjen

Mobile Care Launches its Second Dental Van!

This year Mobile Care proudly adds a new Dental Van to the fleet! As with the first Dental Van, launched one year prior, the new mobile clinic will provide comprehensive oral health care through a “dental home” model. Read more about the exciting announcement!



Mobile C.A.R.E. Foundation is a non-profit organization which dispatches Asthma and Dental Vans, full-service specialty health clinics, into distressed Chicago neighborhoods. By working in partnership with local schools, we’re able to treat students whom otherwise could not afford necessary on-going care and medication. Our Asthma Vans have been proven to reduce school absenteeism, increase physical activity, and keep kids out of the ER. Learn More About our Mission


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