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Clinic Adjustments & Upgrades for Coronavirus/COVID-19

Mobile Care Chicago’s mobile clinics are being renovated with innovative safe measures to keep every one onboard safe. Learn more about our safety upgrades here!

Mobile Care Chicago’s Dental Van is the first clinic with these safety upgrades completed. To make a dental appointment, call our appointment line at 312-543-5693.

Mobile Care Chicago’s Asthma Vans are still accepting new patients and are conducting follow-up patient appointments. For the convenience and safety of families during the period of social distancing, Asthma Van appointments will be done virtually. Any patient who would like an appointment with their Asthma Van provider can call our appointment line at 773-247-9736.

It is believed that CoVid19 is more dangerous for people with asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases. For more information on clinic operations and COVID-19, including precautions your family can take, click here.

Mobile Care Chicago Announced as Winner of the 25th Annual Premier Cares Award

Mobile Care’s Roseland Community Initiative reduced pediatric asthma ER utilization by 84% over three years. Read about the Roseland Community Initiative. Thank you to Premier, Inc. for creating the above video!

Mobile Care Chicago is a non-profit organization which dispatches Asthma, Children’s Health, and Dental Vans, all full-service specialty health clinics, into dis-invested neighborhoods in and around Chicago. By working in partnership with local schools, these mobile clinics treat students who lack insurance or whom otherwise could not afford necessary on-going care and medication. Mobile Care Chicago currently assists over 6,000 children in low-income areas each year. Learn More About our Mission

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