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Meet Lake County Asthma Van Design Contest Finalist Melissa Gutierrez!

We’re revealing the winning design of our Lake County Asthma Van decal design contest next week! Our three finalists are all incredible designers from both Chicago and Lake County areas! Today meet Melissa Gutierrez and her brand No Bad Fruit!

Tell us about yourself: who are you, what do you do!

My name is Melissa Gutierrez, I am the owner and creator of NoBadFruit. NoBadFruit is my art brand that focuses on food waste. Through digital art, merchandise, lifestyle products, and special events, I hope to spread awareness and educate individuals on food waste, locally and globally. My art is colorful, bright, cartoony and includes a lot of humor and scenes that viewers can relate to. If I can inspire people to reduce the amount of food they waste, we can limit the amount of hunger, and improve the environment. I want to inspire change, teach the importance of food & resources, promote a better eating lifestyle and create a movement that’ll make the earth a mindful, kinder healthier and sustainable place. 

How did you learn about Mobile Care Chicago? What parts of MCC resonate with you the most? 

I heard about Mobile Care Chicago actually from my friend Pablo with PabsPrints! He designed a tee shirt for you guys not too long ago. I checked you guys out and followed right away. I found that MCC resonated with me because it made me think of my brothers. Both my older and younger brothers have asthma and I just remember how difficult it was for them to play sports consistently. 

What inspired your decal design? 

My decal design was inspired by fresh air and the phrase “grow with the flow.” I wanted to connect to asthma in a way that wasn’t too obvious but more subtle. When I think of asthma, I think about the ability to breathe and enjoy the air (both indoors or outdoors) and so I put my characters doing a variety of things in the sky. I also wanted to use a lot of bright colors and keep my design simple for the kiddos. I hope this design brings joy, excitement and fun to all the viewers 

What is your favorite Chicago neighborhood and why?

Hmmm, thats a hard one. Lol I’m originally from California and have loved Chicago since I moved out here. I would say Wicker Park, Fulton Market, Pilsen and Logan Square. There’s just so much art, culture and personality in these spots, I’ve enjoyed a lot of cool events and shows in these areas, so definitely my top choices. 

Favorite Chicago spots?

I like going to Punch Bowl Social, ChinaTown, or the TimeOut Market. 

As an artist/designer, where have you been finding inspiration lately? Are there any artists we should check out  

Inspiration for me usually comes from music, food and the water (lake or beach) but lately I feel like memories have been my inspiration. Thinking a lot about why I liked things as a kid and what really attracted me. Even just personal experiences and places I’ve been. I like to be playful but also relatable in my art, so my own mind definitely holds a lot of that! For artists to check out, definitely @daremelife_ , @yueskeyluna and @megmakesstainedglass on Instagram! 

What are you working on now? Where can we find your work/socials?

You can find me only on Instagram at @Nobadfruit 

And Im currently working on another product drop, another figurine design and upcoming shows! I will have a piece at the Blnk Gallery! (It’s an all female artist show, so I would recommend to check it out!) 

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